March is the best month of the year because of one thing and one thing only. March Madness. The craziness that March Madness brings is unlike anything else in sports. The first thing that comes to mind is the unbelievable upsets. This brings me to the point of this blog. Will this year be the greatest March Madness tournament ever? I think yes. 

The potential for an eight or higher seed to be in the elite eight is incredibly high this year. You have the classic blue bloods who right now are on the outside looking in. Duke and Kentucky both coming off massive wins over the weekend against UVA and Tennessee have earned their way into the bubble. Duke needs to win out and go on a deep run in the ACC tournament to earn a spot in March Madness. Kentucky needs to win the SEC tournament in order to make it in. These two teams would be on the short list of biggest upset potential. 

Drake is another team I could see wreaking havoc in March. They have Cinderella story written all over them. Starting the season with a 14-0 ATS record tied the best ATS record of all time. Good teams win, great teams cover. Right now they are matched up against 6 seeded Virginia Tech. Don’t let the Bulldogs get hot.  

Can Loyola Chicago do it again? They are no stranger to upsets having knocked off 6, 3, 7, and 9 on their way to the final four as an 11th seed in 2017. Ranked as the number 21 team in the country they could see themselves as high as a 10 seed and as low as a 6 seed. This team is getting better as the season goes on and who would bet against Sister Jean?   

Eastern Washington is another team that is playing really well and not on anyone’s radar. At the top of the big sky conference they are looking at a 15 seed. This would have them matched up against Illinois. I do not think they could win that game but if they found themselves against a lesser 2 seed like Alabama then it could happen.

Brace yourself for the best March Sadness ever. But what do I know, my team lost to a #16.