Much like Baseball, sports gambling has unwritten rules. Whether that be in your betting group chat with your buddies or thoughts in your head while sweating out a Pac-12 after dark over. I have compiled a list of the Dont’s of gambling or as I like to call it Betting Etiquette or Betiquette for short. Here are some ground rules for those of you who are new to betting.  

Rule 1: It ain’t over till it’s over. 

The game is not over until there are zeros on the clock. Don’t be that guy celebrating Seattle -6 just for Wentz to cover on a meaningless 2-point conversion with 10 seconds left. Don’t be that guy sitting on a 6 team parlay celebrating a win because your last leg is Lakers -600 ML.  Your bet has won when the clock is done.

Rule 2: Don’t fade your team. 

Under no circumstances should you consider betting against your team. Some people justify fading their team by saying it is an emotional hedge*. The point of betting is to add excitement to the meaningless games on TV like Wednesday night MACtion games not to profit on your team’s downfalls. Stay true to the team’s that you love. 

*Emotional hedge: Betting against your team so if they lose you’re sad but made money. 

Rule 3: I told you so.

You didn’t tell me so buddy I’m 54% lifetime you’re down 40 units this month. Never tell your friend you told him so because if you did.. He already knows it. The only circumstances in which you can say “I told you so” is if your team beat their team. Don’t rub it in if you were right and your boy was wrong. It’s a team sport with one common goal: Kill your Bookie.

Rule 4: The Jinx.

Arguably one of the most important rules of the game is The Jinx. Your team always wins when you wear your boxers inside out? Then throw on the boxers. You’re bad luck and when you watch your bets they lose? Then turn off your TV and pick up a book. “If you want something you’ve never had (winning a bet), you must be willing to do something you’ve never done.”- Thomas Jefferson

Rule 5: It’s a Lock. 

No it’s not. Anything can happen. Especially if you live bet the Bills before they score against the Cardinals. Shiiiii hop down there somewhere. Nothing is a lock and UMBC men’s basketball is the #1 example of that. If a #16 can beat a #1 then the Washington Football team can beat the Steelers. Don’t tell me it’s a lock. Not before, not during, and especially not after.